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Femme Fiscal took to the streets to find out what individuals think women can do to improve their financial independence.
Courtney is a 4th year Law/Commerce (Financial Economics) student at the University of New South Wales. She is also the President of Capital W (The women’s business club at the Australian School of Business) and is a member of Deutsche Bank’s aspiring talent program.
Here is what she had to say to Femme Fiscal:
“For women to become more financially independent, they need to be willing to engage in taking greater and bigger risks.

It is indisputable that women have made significant progress towards financial independence over the last half century. However, I recently read an article that stated men apply for jobs when they only meet 60% of the requirements; women only apply when they meet 100%.

We need to support and encourage women to take that bold move and go out on a limb. We will only know that we have succeeded against the gender divide when the concept of gender is completely removed from our thoughts and becomes a product of history.”

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