Femme Fiscal is an interactive community organisation dedicated to educating women to make financially savvy and independent decisions regardless of their relationship status.

Having the ability to understand and manage your finance is essential in the 21st century. Many women do not realise the impact that simple changes to their current habits can make to their financial futures.

Femme Fiscal originated from various coinciding observations, including:

1. Young, intelligent and driven females continue to get married.

2. Couples continue to get divorced.

3. De Facto laws in Australia are much the same as those for married couples when considering the division of finances come separation.

4. Separation (both matrimonial and de facto) can be particularly costly, regardless of the legal fees.

5. Women can prevent the extent of financial impacts come separation by maintaining financial independence or at least awareness as to how their other half utilises the family finances.

At Femme Fiscal we aim to share stories, methods of prevention, and tips and tricks for all women.

Please use this space as a positive, non-judgemental social sphere. Also engage with our discussions on Twitter (https://twitter.com/femmefiscal) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/femmefiscal). Join the conversation! #femmefiscal

We are so excited to share what we have install. Watch this space!



Femme Fiscal Money jar CC


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