10 Career moves you should try TODAY

The struggle with being in your 20’s is that you think you know everything at the same time experiences and people are telling you that you know nothing…

Confusing right?

We’ve also been told advice about what not to do, that 80% of life’s most significant events take place by age 35, and that women still earn 17.5% less than their male counterparts, just to add to the confusion.

The mixed messages we receive do nothing to contribute to our success, confidence or overall wellbeing so here at Femme Fiscal we have compiled a list of ‘Career Moves’ that people in their 20s should endeavor to undertake. In fact, the following list applies to everyone at any stage in their life.

  1. Have a vision
  2. Start before you’re ready
  3. Be intentional
  4. Choose a role model
  5. Define your value system
  6. Learn to budget and save money
  7. Choose your friends wisely
  8. Build a strategies digital presence
  9. Know that you’re more than your job
  10. Don’t rush

All advice in this post is based upon the article by Business Insider, ‘Career Moves for Every 20-Something’ http://www.businessinsider.com/career-moves-for-every-20-something-2014-9?IR=T

To read a more in-depth discussion of the above points click on the above link.

If you have any tips or advice that you would add to the above list, contact Femme Fiscal via email, Facebook or Twitter via the sidebar.


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